The Monster Within

The Monster Within

Help me destroy this creature that lives within the combined mentality of a mob.

My lovely friend

It is at this abandoned hospital that I chose to create another photo in my series, one of the isolation and triumph of an imposing environment upon the ego of the senses.  It has particular meaning to me in its representation of my good friend.  What else can I say about this picture?  To see the complete series, click here.


I show off the possibilities of timed photography in landscape photos

These photos were shot in the dead of night, with little visible light.  The glow is an effect of the timed photography, which enlarges the tiny glimmers on the horizon.  Amarillo has a very humble line of lights from the outside, but any resident knows the comfort these small specks bring on a cold midnight drive after an emotionally draining day.  I have encountered nothing that matches such a moment in its ability to humble me and make me feel small, nor a world that feels quite so magical.  To see the complete series, click here.



Here’s the 2nd part of my Cadillac Ranch photos where I get a little more “artistic”

The cans on the ground called to me, and I found myself crouching in a puddle of mud to get the perfect shot.  One of the unfortunate casualties of the photograph is the ability to convey the incredible vastness that surrounds this art structure, the endless sea of tilled dirt that feels so open it boondoggles your senses.  Yet the field carries a different allure in these photos, where it is blurred to the point of looking almost like water.  To see the complete series, click here:


The Cadillac Ranch is our pride and joy in the Texas Panhandle.  These photos convey the widespread practice of spray-painting – and littering – the site with dozens, if not hundreds of cans.  The day I took these pictures, I found it was actually the cans lying in a wondrously textured mud that caught my eye, more so than the cars.  It proves the old saying “Don’t Mess With Texas” by advocating an ironic solution to the possibilities of non-littering in a… okay, I’m just making shit up now.  To see the complete series, click here.3637

This building disappears into the sky like an old man riding into the distance on a newly laid road, intersecting a wider world in ways unseen and unclear.  It looms over us, daring us to feel the might of its design.  I felt so struck at the imposition of its design that I felt it essential to show the building from the corner of its base, to better display the sweep of its shape and luminosity of the reflections.  To see the complete series, click here.


These Christmas lights are hung on houses all across Amarillo.  Living in LA, one misses the chance to see a city so full of winter and magic.  Adding to the theme of purity throughout the entire series, Amarillo’s winters open its humble cityscapes up to a broader, larger kind of intrigue.  To see the entire series, click here.